The association WET advocates as an environmental organization for the ecological preservation of the last remaining free-flowing rivers and streams in Tyrol. With this mission, we aim to:

Preserve Tyrol’s waterways as habitats.

Alongside the climate crisis, we are currently grappling with an equally critical and alarming biodiversity crisis that demands attention. Freshwater ecosystems worldwide are experiencing the most severe impacts of species decline, despite our heavy reliance on them as humans.

Preserve Tyrol’s rivers as providers of clean drinking water.

We need clean water for drinking and irrigation, but only intact river ecosystems can provide us with this.

Preserve Tyrol’s rivers as spaces for recreation and as our playgrounds.

It’s not just water sports enthusiasts who appreciate rivers. Hiking trails, cycling paths, and via ferratas often run alongside rivers and streams. And as summers get hotter, more and more people will seek their coolness. Let’s protect our river landscapes!

The organization “WET – Wildwasser erhalten Tirol“ is dedicated to preserving the last remaining free-flowing and natural rivers and streams in Tyrol and aims to continually improve the ecological condition of Tyrolean watercourses.

WET takes a critical stance on the expansion of hydropower in Tyrol. We organize actions to protect our rivers, provide information on current developments, and support local citizen initiatives in advocating for their rivers.

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