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Stop the Kaunertal Hydro Power Plant Expansion!

YES to the protection of the Alps and rivers – YES to a nature-friendly energy transition – NO to the expansion of the Kaunertal hydroelectric power plant

The organization “WET – Wildwasser erhalten Tirol” (Preserve Tyrol’s Whitewater) is dedicated to safeguarding the rivers of Tyrol. With the pressing challenges of the climate crisis and threats to biodiversity, preserving the vitality of our rivers is paramount. Now, more than ever, they need our protection.

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Save the Oetz – Stop the Kaunertal Hydro Power Plant Expansion

We are fighting against the planned water diversions from the Oetz valley and the destruction of the Platzertal! Here you can find information about the hydropower plans and our campaign.

What is WET?

WET is a small team of volunteers originally rooted in the kayak scene. The association was founded in 2014 and has been committed to the preservation of Tyrol’s rivers ever since.

We firmly believe that rivers are a shared resource vital to our well-being. They function as intricate ecosystems upon which we rely, providing us with the life-sustaining gift of clean water. However, in Tyrol, the relentless pursuit of hydroelectric power has placed immense pressure on these waterways, with over 1000 hydropower plants currently in operation. Regrettably, this focus on energy production has overshadowed the rivers’ myriad of other vital roles, such as supplying drinking water, irrigation, places for recreation and watersports, habitats for countless species of plant and animal life, the purification of wastewater, facilitating sediment transport, enhancing landscapes, and so much more.

In light of this imbalance, we are speaking out against the unrestrained expansion of hydroelectric projects in Tyrol. We demand that the Tyrolean provincial government meticulously assess the ecological ramifications, energy benefits, and societal impacts of each proposed hydropower endeavor through meaningful dialogue with the people of Tyrol. Until this conscientious approach becomes the norm, we will continue to raise our voices in opposition.

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